Security System

Jackwell are keeping a view of rapid growth and increasing demand for security solutions, to provide the best access control system. As one of the leading solution provider of access control system in Hong Kong & China, we have been striving to seek perfection, convenience and high technology in this field. We have provided total solutions for access control system such as Magnetic card system, RF-IC card system, Face and Handkey system and Fingerprint identification system. 

Safe and Security

We are dedicated to developing technology that provides a more secure and convenient world for our future generations.

Easy and Simple to Use and Security

Provide Biometric System such as Finger Pass, Face Terminal 


Construction and Mining 

Jackwell’s major business consists of central air-conditioning, heavy construction equipment, telecom equipment, marine machinery and transportation service.  

More than 10 years experience

We were appointed as a regional agent and distribute the products of Ingersoll-rand and Atlas Copco for more than ten years. Afterward, many large projects were completed, including the Daiya Bay Nuclear Power Plant Phase II, Three Gorges Dam Project of the Yangtze River, Xiaolangdi Project in Luoyang, the Liaohe Oil Field, Pakistan and Nepal Hydro-electric Power Plant projects. 

As a Dealer of Carrier

Recently, we concentrate mainly on cement plants and our major customers include Conch, Taiwan Cement, China Resources, CNBM group etc.

As a dealer of Carrier, Jackwell distributes different types of Carrier chillers mainly in the Fujian and Guangdong provinces. We supply and install chillers, air handling units fan coils, and so on. we also provide our customers with Johnson's Control equipment, including building automation systems, fire automation systems and security systems. 


LED Lighting solution

While the environment protection and energy saving are highly promoted all over the globe, we have also bear our corporate social responsibility and developed the energy efficient LED lighting solutions and products for enterprises in Hong Kong.  


Generator set 

As a major supplier of electrical and mechanical equipment, we have supplied international advanced level of diesel generator and gasoline generator sets, including Caterpillar, John Deere, Cummins, etc for wide variety of industries and countries.

Jackpower diesel generator sets have won widely acclamation from both customers and competitors over the globe. And we understand that there aren’t any companies have the same demands or requirements, so we provide tailor made services in order to fulfill our customers with the highest efficiency solutions. 


Professional Skin Care Products


prowess, reliability, excellence and intelligent


The line responsible for
marketing and producing skin protection



Dispensers made of
plastic or metal enable the creams, lotions,
pastes and gels to be dispensed hygienically
and economically


We offer a comprehensive range of services for
you to choose from, including devising skin
protection plans, tours of the plant, skin tests,
analysis of hazardous substances


Ecpayroll System

ecTA/ecPayroll is a smart attendance and counting system that helps management effectively monitor employee attendance performance and calculate employee salaries based on attendance data, eliminating complex calculations and human error, thereby increasing company productivity.

The system software operates in the Windows operating system, and cooperates with different brands of attendance machines, such as inductive card readers, fingerprint machines, facial machines, or palm-type machines to record the attendance data and analyze the employee's work performance. Accurately calculating employee compensation based on relevant information is convenient and accurate, and greatly reduces the work of the personnel department and the accounting department.

With the increasing popularity of network applications, the system has also developed a number of network applications, making full use of Internet advantages, such as online card punching, online editing, e-Leave system, email bills, etc., to improve work efficiency. To reduce paper waste.

The system has different versions suitable for the needs of various industries, including offices, factories, restaurants, chain stores and even industries without fixed punching locations. We can also provide effective solutions. In addition, we can meet the needs of different company sizes. From SMEs with less than 20 employees, medium-sized enterprises with over 100 employees, and large enterprises with thousands of workers, we can provide the required attendance solutions.

The company is committed to developing an integrated system solution suitable for Hong Kong and Macao operations, solving personnel, attendance, salary, access control, canteen management and other issues, from on-site inspection, to program delivery, to system installation, to operational training, to maintenance, We can also provide one-stop service


Hong Kong Airport Freight LCD Display 

Installation Maintenance service 2016-2020 


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